A Supportive And Highly Qualified Track Cycling Coach

Mark Walker provides expert coaching for cyclists in a range of disciplines, including track cycling.

Track cycling can be an incredibly exhilarating sport. By specialising in this form of cycling, you can compete in all sorts of events, including endurance races held over longer distances.

It’s also one of the most spectator-friendly forms of cycling. Unlike road cycling, your friends and family can easily cheer you on throughout the race!

Track cycling has been around since the Victorian age and has been featured in every modern Olympics games with the exception of the 1912 Games. Today, it’s particularly popular in Europe, including in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

Mark Walker regularly works with track cyclists with all levels of experience to enhance their performance.

Whether you’re a committed amateur or a professional athlete, Mark Walker is dedicated to helping you meet your goals. He’s an athlete centre coach who has an excellent track record and always delivers science based coaching.

Training sessions will be tailored according to your physiological data, with no ‘blind’ setting of training. He can also help cyclists to recover from problems like an illness or injury if needed.

Mark Walker will provide you with regular detailed feedback to keep you motivated and meeting your targets. He has exacting standards and over 17 years of experience in this industry.

Cyclists he’s coached have won everything from club events to professional races and world championship medals.

If you’re seeking an expert coach for track cycling, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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