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A cyclists riding a time trial on an aerodynamic bicycle

quick guide to cycling threshold training

By Mark Walker | 24/11/2023

Read my quick guide to cycling threshold training to understand how I, as a cycling coach, use this popular technique. In my last post I wrote about my approach to polarized training, having used this method for twenty years.  However, I did point out that, although polarization works for most people, it isn’t suited to […]

A female cyclist who uses polarized training leads a man.

Polarized training secrets- a cycling coach reveals all!

By Mark Walker | 28/09/2023

When I started out as a cycling coach it is fair to say hardly any cyclists knew about polarization.  But did you know highly decorated British cyclists Nicole Cooke followed a polarized plan? Now it is a hot topic with whole websites devoted to the principles of polarization.  But what is it? And is it […]

Sports supplement bottles

do your cycling supplements contain what you think?

By Mark Walker | 26/07/2023

I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to cycling supplements, and for good reason.  In most cases, there just isn’t good quality scientific research to support their use. However, this doesn’t seem to put off supplement companies selling large amounts of these products.  There are a few exceptions that are supported by high quality studies, provided […]

A woman cycle racer taking a corner on a mountain descent

Five reasons why cycle coaching needn’t make you nervous

By Mark Walker | 11/07/2023

I recently received a couple of enquiries from people nervous about cycle coaching. I think this is a pity as cycle coaching should be for all.  There really shouldn’t be barriers preventing people from improving their cycling and gaining more enjoyment. I’ll describe in this post five reasons why I think cycle coaching should be […]

Cycling Weekly front cover 15th June 2023

June 2023 newsletter

By Mark Walker | 21/06/2023

Welcome to the Mark Walker Cycling Coaching June 2023 newsletter with the latest on my work as a cycling coach and sports science consultant. This month I update you on what was supposed to be Gabby Traxler’s return to racing following her early season illness. Sadly it didn’t go to plan as she was involved […]

Cyclist has a blood lactate sample taken from her ear

May 2023 Newsletter

By Mark Walker | 22/05/2023

Welcome to my May newsletter. I always try to keep an eye on technological developments in cycling and sports science that may have a significant impact on the way cyclists train and race.  In this newsletter I share some of my thoughts about continuous lactate monitoring, the new Stromm track bike project, and what happens […]

Classified Powershift bicycle hub gear kit

Is the bicycle hub gear about to make a comeback?

By Mark Walker | 19/05/2023

Is the bicycle hub gear about to make a comeback with Classified’s innovative Powershift product? The popular hub gear Many of us of a certain age probably remember riding bikes fitted with Sturmey-Archer 3 speed hubs before moving to more sophisticated machines with derailleur gears.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn that the […]

Cyclist holding a Buzz Power honey energy sachet

April 2023 Newsletter

By Mark Walker | 13/04/2023

Welcome to my April 2023 newsletter where I write about the topics that most interest me and, hopefully, you too!  For more in-depth analysis please refer to my blog posts where I attempt to explain complex topics in an understandable way and offer practical advice that you can apply to your own sport.  If you […]

Motorcyclist Harrison Dessoy riding a Honda 250 cc NSF through a tight corner on the Cartagena Circuit in Spain

march 2023 newsletter

By Mark Walker | 22/03/2023

Welcome to the first Mark Walker Coaching newsletter.  This is a new venture so I hope you find the content both enjoyable and informative.   My plan for these newsletters is to provide you with the latest updates from my work as a coach and to write about some of the things that have recently caught […]

Training zones blood lactate talk test

The talk test: a very simple way to set training intensity

By Mark Walker | 09/02/2023

Sometimes modern technology just can’t beat simple low-tech solutions. The Talk Test may be the perfect solution for cyclists bored of looking at screens, or for those who just don’t have the budget to keep up with tech. In a previous article I wrote a brief introduction to the rating of perceived exertion (RPE).  In […]