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Mark Walker

My business is called Mark Walker Cycling Coaching because that is who you get, Mark Walker.

My work is built on my reputation so I don't hide behind a slick company name, I promote who I am and what I do.  I have a masters degree in sports science and a British Cycling Level 3 qualification. 

I have been coaching cycling seriously for around 20 years and have been making a living from it for the past 12 years.  I get most of my work through recommendations because people like what I do and value the coaching they receive. 

I've worked athletes across the world and don't select upon ability.  For me the most important aspect of my work is helping people achieve their best, regardless of the competitive level.

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Extraordinary Experience

I started teaching in 1995 following completion of a Biotechnology degree and PGCE.  As a keen cyclists I read a lot of sports science books in my spare time and it was my then neighbour who encouraged me to study for a masters degree in sports science.

After I gained my masters I started teaching undergraduate sports science and did so for 20 years.  During that time I undertook research into cyclocross and was fortunate enough to work with Helen Wyman and Ian Field.  I worked as sports scientist and coach to Helen for a number of years and, at here insistence, I started coaching other riders. 

Over the years my athletes went from success to success.  Alex Dowsett won gold in the Commonwealth Games; held the hour record and 10 mile TT record; and won the Bayern-Rundfahrt stage race. Helen won national CX titles, two European CX champs and two Koppenberg cross titles. Finally, Blaine Hunt won a silver world championship medal in the para one-kilometer  track TT and has since gone on to become a multiple world champion.

Other successes include numerous masters national titles on road and track, cyclocross league wins and a National Trophy overall win. I also steered Simon Carr from cat 2 amateur to World Tour professional.  In fact, my riders have achieved so much I have genuinely lost count of everything.

I now embark upon my third seasonworking in the highly competitive world of motorcycle racing.  This has so far been an extraordinary story but I am sure there is still more to be written.

My Core Values

  • Ethical and clean coaching

  • Full committed to my athletes' improvement

  • Full committed to my athletes' physical and mental health

  • Hard working

  • Honest

  • Providing equal opportunities for all

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