Hugo Robinson

Hugo Robinson Mark Walker cyclocross coach

Hugo competes in a cyclocross race

Mark has been coaching Hugo Robinson for the last three years.  Hugo is an under 23 cyclocross and road rider.  He is a multiple national champion in cyclocross and last year was the leading under 23 cyclocross rider in the United States until he returned to Europe to complete his season.

Hugo says,

“Mark has been my coach since late 2012 and I am about to start my fourth cyclocross season under his expert guidance. What Mark has given me over the years however is much than just training plans. He’s given me nutritional advice, athlete lifestyle guidance, psychological coaching, advice on cycling teams…The list goes on. He’s made me more professional as a rider and how I present myself as well accomplishing great physiological gains with consistent year on year increases in power. 


He’s been there for me through illness and injury and the dark times where all I’ve wanted to do is hang up the wheels for good. But he’s stood by me and supported me through them, allowing us to share the joys of getting my first top 10 in a road UCI stage race this summer at Stage 8 of the Ras, in my first year of road racing. There are a long list of people that have got me to where I am today and Mark is very high up on that list. Without him I probably wouldn’t be riding at the level I am.


All of my physiological testing is done at Mark’s top of the range facilities at his Essex lab, giving us all the data we need to train smart and effectively.

Mark’s experience in multiple disciplines has helped me to achieve results year round in both cyclocross and road at an international level. There’s not a lot of coaches out there who can say they coach world medallists in cyclocross and Grand Tour stage winners. 

So thank you Mark for all that you have done and will do in the future to make me the best athlete and person that I can be!”

The joy of coaching Hugo is that he is one of the hardest working riders I coach.  I know that he will always follow the training I set to the letter and I am proud to have helped him in his cycling career so far.