My approach to coaching

All the coaching I provide is individually tailored to the rider. My coaching philosophy is that generic plans do not work so whatever price you pay, you will always receive a unique coaching plan, unlike many coaching companies.  I keep in regular contact with all the riders I coach to find out how they got on with a key event and to check-up on their training progress and general well-being.  I use Today’s Plan to schedule training and monitor progress and ensure my sessions will work through Zwift. If riders like doing rides and races on Zwift, RGT and other virtual cycling software packages, I can accommodate this.

When embarking on a coaching programme I like to have an in-depth discussion with you to find out your goals and experience. This helps to ensure that the coaching programme I put together is the perfect fit for your needs.  Specificity and thorough planning are the key to success and I ensure that every rider’s individual needs are accommodated. Although it is nice to meet face-to-face, I am used to working with riders across the world so I am also very comfortable working at a distance. This has been particularly important during the pandemic. 


I have never offered specifically priced ‘one size fits all’ coaching plans because some riders require more input whereas others, particularly younger riders, need a lighter touch. This is a deviation from the practice of most other coaches or coaching companies but it is a consequence of my truly tailored approach.

As an indication, a sportive or young rider requiring a lighter touch with fewer training sessions per week may pay a fee starting at £110 per month. A rider requiring daily adjustments to training, frequent contact, in-depth analysis of data and a much more hands-on approach to the process could pay up to £240 per month. I believe this is very competitive when you consider the prices advertised for some of the top-end packages offered by many coaching companies.

I also have riders paying a broad range of fees for a variety of different services so please do contact me for a quote.

Why individually tailored coaching can help you

I never take on more clients than I can handle as it quickly becomes impossible to provide the quality of service a rider needs to ensure improvement.  In my opinion, generic, bargain basement plans do not work and consequently I do not provide them.  

I recommend that anyone interested in improving their performance in any sport should invest in one-to-one coaching. As the old military adage goes, “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy,” and this is true of coaching. A rider could progress more quickly or slowly than expected over a 6 week programme making it very quickly redundant. What happens when the weather turns bad and road sessions have to be done on the indoor trainer? How do you deal with illness or an injury? What’s the best approach to getting back into training after COVID? How should a young person balance their cycling ambitions with their school or university education? These, and many more questions, are vital to ensuring a coaching plan works for the rider in question.

Additional services

As well as sports science support and writing structured coaching plans I also provide one-to-one or group technical coaching in cyclocross. I also offer sports science consultancy and writing services.  Please contact me to find out more.

Laboratory testing

I have access to a sports science laboratory for physiological testing and can refer clients to a qualified sports nutritionist, sports physiotherapist, psychologist or strength coach. When I started coaching, I used laboratory testing a great deal but after many years of lactate and respiratory testing I started to realise the significant limitations inherent in this approach. In fact, many professional cycling teams use lab testing at most sparingly, and in some notable cases, not at all. I currently mostly use field tests of power and heart rate. Simon Carr recently turned professional under my guidance and, other than one lab test I undertook when we were first introduced, and the odd test conducted by the various teams he rode for, we worked solely off power and HR field test data.

It is my view that many coaches and coaching companies push lab testing and some other services as a USP and to increase income at the expense and, ultimately, inconvenience of their riders. The same is true of unverified supplements, recovery methods and nutritional strategies. With me you will experience an approach based upon sound science and my many years of experience coaching.