Motorcycling plan

£150 per calendar month

✔ You only deal with me, a qualified sports scientist with 17 years of coaching  novice to world class competitors

✔ Annual plan included

✔ Training written week by week in response to feedback on previous sessions and races

✔ Training is personalized and written specifically for you – no generic plans

✔ Daily training delivered via Today’s Plan

✔ Annual Plan and other resources shared via a Dropbox or Google Drive account

✔ All sessions tailored to your physiological data i.e. no blind setting of training based upon FTP* and broad zones

✔ I will always act proactively to manage major problems e.g. illness or injury and alter the training as necessary

✔ Referral to high a quality physiotherapist if required.

✔ Remote field-based fitness assessment and analysis using HR and power prescribed/analysed as and when required

✔ Race data analysis

✔ Recovery and training stress monitoring

✔ Access to sports science advice sheets based upon current research

✔ Unlimited scheduled and ad hoc calls (within sensible bounds) to discuss training progress and, when appropriate, race performances and future tactics

✔ Unlimited email & text messages to discuss training needs and progress

✔ Daily feedback on all training sessions and comments on data and progression

✔ Unlimited adjustments to your training to accommodate changing work and family commitments

✔ Tailored sports nutrition advice

✔ Mental skills training specifically for motorcycle race performance

✔ Flexibility and movement skills training

✔ Strength training plan

✔ Design of altitude training camps and use of altitude devices (hypoxic training, altitude tents etc.)

✔ Plans are generally based around cycling but I regularly prescribe exercise in other forms: swimming sets, rowing, running & Nordic running

*FTP – Functional Threshold Power

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