Cycle Coaching Services

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I provide cycle coaching plans for riders across a variety of disciplines. These include road racing, mountain bike, cyclocross, track cycling, sportives, Gran Fondo and time trial.

The price I charge currently ranges from £110 to £240 per month and is dependent on the level of contact you need. Regardless of what you pay, I guarantee that the cycle coaching you receive will be tailored to your needs and unique to you. When you get started:

  • We will have a lengthy initial phone call to discuss your needs. I will then create a plan to achieve your training goals, working around key races or events.
  • We will talk through the plan together and agree on the approach to take.
  • I will then set daily training on Today’s Plan
  • The daily training I set will cover all key areas of your athletic development such as endurance, strength, flexibility and speed.
  • Your training will include plenty of variety to ensure that it remains interesting and stimulating
  • I will provide regular feedback via Today’s Plan on all the sessions you complete as well as races and events
  • Your training will be adapted to your progress to ensure that you continue to improve.
  • We will plan event/race day strategy
  • I will provide regular progress reviews to help you achieve your goals. 

To find out more, please get in touch.

I have written in more detail about my approach to coaching here if you want to learn more.