Coaching Services


All the coaching I provide is individually tailored to the rider – whatever price you pay, you will never receive a generic plan, unlike some coaching companies.  I keep in regular contact with all the riders I coach to find out how they got on with a key race, or just to check-up on their training progress and general well-being.  I use Today’s Plan to schedule training and monitor progress.

When embarking on a coaching programme I like to meet face-to-face with you if possible, or alternatively will have an in-depth call to find out your goals and experience to ensure that the coaching programme I put together is the perfect fit for your needs.  Specificity and thorough planning are the key to success and I ensure that every rider’s individual needs are accommodated.

Some riders require more input whereas others, particularly younger riders, need a lighter touch therefore the fee I charge for coaching varies from person to person, ranging from £100 to £250 per month.

For fully-supported riders I update training plans on a weekly basis but adjust these as often as is necessary to fit around you. For example, if you have to change plans at short notice I will restructure that week’s training at no additional expense. Fees are based upon individual requirements so please contact me to discuss the right package for you.

I do not take on more clients than I can handle as it quickly becomes impossible to provide the quality of service a rider needs to ensure improvement.  I believe that generic, bargain basement plans do not work and consequently I do not provide them.  I recommend that anyone interested in improving their performance in any sport should invest in one-to-one coaching.

In addition to sports science support and writing structured coaching plans I also provide one-to-one or group technical coaching in cyclocross as well as sports science consultancy and writing services.  Please contact me to find out more.